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Veterans Next Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to helping veterans like you successfully transition from military service to civilian life by providing effective training for trades in the construction industry. This training will help you secure a job in a profession that offers a good and growing future.


Transferring your military experience into a career in the construction industry is easier than you think. Many of the skills you gained during your time of service are applicable on our job sites. 


Here are just a few skills you probably possess that will take you far with our organization. The ability to:


  • Adapt quickly to your surroundings.

  • Solve problems and follow through until the job is complete.

  • Work well with a team and demonstrate leadership.

  • Understand the mechanics of operating heavy machinery.

  • Learn a new job in order to meet mission objectives.

  • Set and accomplish goals.

  • Show discipline and determination.



  • You are use to working as a team. Build camaraderie.

  • Job security – There will always be a need for new homes, remodeled homes and rebuilds.

  • Great income – After you complete the four years of training you are in the mid $40k+ salary range with great potential for more.

  • Your skills become more valuable with time and experience.

  • No gender bias – Employers hire by skill, experience and dedication, NOT Gender.

  • Career advancement – move up to a position in management or your own business.

  • Every day is a new day. Different projects and challenges.

  • You can start with a plain piece of paper and an idea, then a few months later walk away from a completed project.



During our four year apprenticeship program, you will learn all of the skills necessary to: 


  • Perform well on a construction site

  • Be a journeyman in various trades

  • Become a remodeling contractor or crew leader.


While we encourage you complete the program, participants can leave at anytime they feel they can function at a skill level proficient enough to obtain and maintain employment with a private or government contractor in the construction trades.


The training will consist of classroom, practical, and on the job training (OJT).


While working in the field participating in the construction of a project, you will receive a stipend of $16/hour with a $1/hour increase in compensation for each 6 months of training.


While the program is at no cost to you, you may be able to use the GI Bill to help supplement cost of living for a period of time during training.



*must be a U.S. Military Veteran to apply*


We are currently seeking a construction trainee to join our veteran-only construction crew at Veterans Next Mission. The construction trainee will learn all of the primary skills needed for residential construction, remodeling, and demolition/teardown. The will be trained to operate various types of tools and heavy equipment. Successful candidates will be eager to learn, have the ability to work well with teams, and follow orders from the on-site trainer.

All levels of experience are accepted. If you have zero construction experience, but are a U.S. military veteran looking to transition to a civilian job, this is a great place to start. We'll provide you the skills necessary to enter this industry successfully. If you are experienced in the construction industry, we can place you at an advanced level of the program or hire you as a trainer. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your career in the construction industry, this is the job for you!

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Train in all areas of the construction industry to include operating various types of  tools and heavy equipment.

  • Unload and carry materials at construction sites.

  • Use various tools and heavy equipment under instruction to construct, remodel, and demolish.

  • Prepare and apply construction materials to build structures

  • Show a safety first mindset; recommend improvements to make the workplace safer for self and others.

  • Test equipment and machinery to ensure it is in good working order

  • Work outdoors, in inclement weather, on uneven surfaces, with loud noise, elevated work areas, and confined spaces.

  • Clean up job site at end of day and ensure all equipment is properly secure for the night


Experience and Skill Requirements

  • No construction experience required.

  • Must be a U.S. Military Veteran with general or honorable discharge.

  • Willing to learn; enjoys tackling new challenges.

  • Is organized and shows attention to detail, with a "get it right the first time" mindset.

  • Demonstrates dependability in attendance, work completion, and flexibility to meet business needs.

  • Works well with team members or independently; gives and receives feedback in a constructive manner.

  • Makes timely and sound decisions; uses resources wisely.

  • Displays a positive, can-do attitude.

  • Good knowledge of the English language (spoken and written).

  • Ability to work in various types of weather conditions which include extreme heat and cold.

  • Ability to use effective listening skills to identify important information

  • Ability to perform manual work.

  • Valid driver's license preferred.


Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED preferred.



Pay varies depending on experience, but essentially falls between $16 -$20 hour, with a $1 pay raise for each 6 months of training.

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